The Vacuum Drying OvenĀ is a large volume tray drying oven with double wall shelf plates for efficient heat transfer. The advantage of the tray design results in ease of product handling, minimal product wastage and ease of cleaning. Near zero maintenance in the absence of moving parts adds to its advantage.


  • Oven casing is made from Carbon Steel. Other materials can also be used.
  • Available in oven capacity of up to 10 cubic meters. Other sizes manufactured on request.
  • Jacketed design oven casing.
  • Double well construction shelf plates.
  • Suitable for vacuum upto 5torr
  • Double door design
Customised Features

  • Trays are made from stainless steel, aluminum, carbon steel, plastics can be provided.
  • Insulated oven casings
  • Pneumatic door locking arrangement


  • Effective, efficient drying of Food, Pharmaceutical and Chemical Products.
  • Effective for drying of slurry, wet solids.

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