• Hydrofoil impellers are also referred to as high-efficiency impellers since they are designed to maximize fluid flow and minimize shear rate. Since most industrial applications require high pumping capacity and less fluid shear, these impellers are popular in the majority of mixer installations.
  • Figure shows a high-solidity-ratio hydrofoil impeller used for high viscosity materials and gas applications.
  • Advances in the hydrofoil impeller designs have lead to the development of an additional family of these impellers. Figure above  illustrates the four types of these impellers with different solidity ratios, the ratio of the total blade area to a circle circumscribing the impeller.
  • Low solidity ratio impellers are efficient for liquid blending and solid suspensions.
  • Higher-solidity-ratio impellers are more effective for axial flow patterns as the viscosity increases.
  • For gas–liquid dispersions, higher-solidity-ratio impellers with wide blades provide an effective area of preventing bypass of gas through the impeller hub.


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