• Marine propellers are also used on side-entering mixers and are mounted with the impeller shaft inclined at an angle with respect to the vessel centerline, for improving process results.
  • The propeller is generally operated to produce down pumping action directed toward the bottom of the vessel, until deflected by the floor or the wall of the vessel.
  • The shearing action of the propeller is significant at high speeds.
  • Standard-blade marine propellers with square pitch are commonly used. Variations include four-bladed propellers, propellers with saw tooth edges for tearing action and perforated blades for shredding and breaking of lumps.
  • Speed Range – 400 – 1800 rpm (depending on diameter)
  • Speed Range – 400 – 1800 rpm (depending on diameter)
  • The power number for top-entering propellers and portable mixers in the turbulent range at a proximity factor of 1 is 0.87.
  • For side-entering mixers the power number ranges from 0.77 for propeller diameters up to 700 mm [6]. Propellers are generally manufactured by the casting process.

A propeller is a high-speed axial flow impeller generally used for liquids of low viscosity.

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