• Change can mixers are configured vertically, with a vertical cylindrical vessel and a bottom dished end.
  • These mixers are called change can mixers because they are provided with an arrangement for lifting the agitator head mixing element out of the mixing vessel once mixing is completed, thus enabling movement of the mixing vessel.
  • Some change can mixers have mixing vessels that can be lifted and lowered while keeping the agitator head stationary
  • Removal of the mixing vessel provides the following advantages:
  • Material can be weighed accurately.
  • It is easier to clean the mixing vessel, resulting in less batch-to-batch contamination.
  • The packing glands and seals do not come in contact with the material, thus eliminating product contamination.
  • Multiple cans can be used to enhance productivity without downtime during material charging and discharging.
  • Change can mixers may be provided with one or more mixing blades.
  • Because of the vertical configuration, these mixers can be operated at as little as 10% of their designed working capacity.
  • Discharge of highly viscous materials from the mixing vessel can be achieved by locating the vessel on a separate hydraulically operated automatic discharge system.


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