Unique Double Planetary Mixer and Ram Press
Double Planetary Mixer with Hydraulic Discharge System

New Product Development

Unique is happy to announce the successful development of the new design of Double Planetary Mixer along with Hydraulic Discharge System for high viscosity materials.

The Double Planetary Mixer is capable of mixing non flowing materials up to several million centipoises with the simple push button operation. The mixed material from the Double Planetary Mixer (with change can design) can be transferred along the container to the discharge system for fast discharge. The hydraulic system can discharge large batch sizes in minutes into containers, post processing equipment, thereby eliminating the otherwise wasted time requirement for scraping heavy or sticky materials from the mixing container. The container can then be cleaned and made ready for the next batch mixing. Multiple cans can be provided to improve productivity and for faster turnaround with different types of process materials.

The Double Planetary Mixer along with discharge system can be used for adhesive, sealants, pharmaceuticals, dental compounds, cosmetics, plastics and many other high viscosity materials.

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