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Single Planetary MixerThe Single Planetary Mixer includes a bowl with a blade that has a planetary motion such that it visits all parts of the vessel.

The Planetary Mixer is used for mixing of dry / wet materials. The mixer is ideal for processing light pastes to heavy viscous products. Rotation of beater around its own axis, axis of bowl closer to the walls leads to homogeneous product mix. Top mounted beater makes cleaning easy. The mixer is offered with single, double beater design. Based on the requirement a scrapper can be provided for scrapping the walls of the bowl. Varied Beater Shapes are available to suit product and process applications. Combination of high to low beater speeds helps in particle size reduction further adding to the quality of the mix processed. Low beater speeds are selected for processing of heavy, pasty and dough like masses.

Types of Beaters

Sweet Dough
Reinforced Cage Type Cream Whip Batter
Drop Centre Sponge Beater Hook Beater Scaper


  • Available in all grades of Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel.
  • Less product contact and slow speeds result in low power consumption.
  • Optional Teflon Coated Internals for Food and Sticky material applications.
  • Jacketed construction available for heating and cooling applications.
  • Can be offered for vacuum application.
  • Available in working capacities of 5 Liters to 500 Liters.


  • Single beater is commonly used for light, medium viscosity products in the Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic and Food industry.
Sample Applications Of Single Planetary Mixers
Thick film inks
Solder masks
Automotive catalysts
Sheet molding compounds
Pharmaceutical granulation's
Face masks
Urethane sealants
Hot melts
Conductive inks
Specialty coatings
Transfer inks
Grinding wheels
Metallic slurries
Syntactic foams
Waste solidification
Caulking compounds
Fuel cells
Metal cleaning compounds
Engineered plastic resins
Epoxy resins