Pitched blade turbines are the most commonly used axial flow impellers. A pitched blade turbine consists of a hub on which four or six blades are mounted at an angle with respect to the horizontal. The most commonly used impeller of this type is the four bladed 45 c pitched blade turbine, 6 bladed pitched turbine.. The pitched blade turbine is generally used for impeller diameters ranging from 450 mm to 3 meters. The blades may be directly welded on to the impeller shaft or are bolted to the shaft hub.

It is known as a mixed flow impeller since the fluid discharge from the pitched blade turbine has both axial and radial parts. The direction of rotation of the impeller is such that the liquid flow is guided towards the bottom of the vessel in most applications, but it may be more efficient to direct the liquid flow upwards in applications such as gas dispersions and floating solid mixing.

6 Blade Pitched Turbine

Four Blade bottom entry pitched turbine