Hydrofoil impellers are commonly referred to as high efficiency impellers since they are designed to maximize fluid flow and minimize shear rate, and therefore these impellers are popular in a majority of mixer installations.

The hydrofoil impeller has 3 or 4 tapering twisted blades, cambered and sometimes provided with rounded leading edges. The blade angle at the tip is lower than that at the hub resulting in almost constant pitch across the length of the blade, thus generating a near uniform velocity profile across the entire discharge area. The resultant flow is streamlined in the direction of pumping and as a result the vortex formation around the impeller is much lower compared to the pitched blade turbine. As a result the power required for hydrofoil impellers is lower compared to the pitched blade turbine.

Hydrofoil impeller

We offer hydrofoil impellers designs with different solidity ratios. The solidity ratio is the ratio of the total blade area to a circle circumscribing the impeller. For liquid blending and solid suspensions, the low solidity ratio impellers are efficient. As viscosity increases, higher solidity ratio impellers are more efficient for axial flow patterns For gas-liquid dispersions, the higher solidity ratio impellers with wide blades are preferred as they provide an effective area of preventing bypass of gas through the impeller hub. The power consumption for the high efficiency impeller depends on the solidity ratio

Hydrofoil impeller with different solidity ratios