Manual bag dumping stations are designed to collect the dust generated when dumping powder and bulk solids from bags and discharge it into an integrated downstream equipment such as a hopper, a blender or a screw conveyor. The bags are placed on to a flat surface, opened and the material is dumped into the rectangular opening / mouth of the bag dosing station. This opening may be fitted with magnetic grills to separate any iron particles or ferrite impurities; like wise a stationary or vibratory screen can be integrated to ensure materials of a specific particle size are discharged into the further process. Bag impurities, fibres can be separated using these sieves. The bag dump station is attached to a high-speed blower that draws the air-borne dust, solid particles away from the operator through a pair of cartridge filters that prevent the dust carry over into the blower. An automatic reverse-pulse jet filter cleaning system equipped with timer-activated solenoid valves is used to release short blasts of compressed plant air inside the cartridge filter. As a result, any, dust build-up on the outer filter surfaces fall into the downstream equipment. Since the filters are alternately blasted at timed intervals, the dust collection method is both continuous and effective in operation.

The bag dumping station thus reduces material waste and removes the need for a separate dust collection system, while protecting the workers and minimizing dust contamination in the plants.

Bag Dosing Stations