Vacuum Drying Ovens


The tray type Vacuum Drying Oven consists of an oven chamber with single or two door construction and a number of heating shelve plates, sized depending on the drying capacity. Drying takes place under high vacuum at reduced product temperature. The tray type vacuum drying oven is effective for drying of slurries and wet solids. It popular in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

The oven chamber is provided with concave construction hinged doors on one or both sides for placement of the product heating trays on the heating shelve plates. The doors are opened and closed through a swing type arrangement; the design of hinge assembly is upgraded there by increasing the swing angle of door opening to over 110 degrees, making loading and un-loading of trays easy for the operator. The heating plates are designed for circulation of hot water, which acts as the heating media. The sealing surface of the chamber and the door are machined and matched to have a perfect seating to avoid vacuum leaks. The doors are provided with precisely moulded soft elastomer gaskets. Compartmentalized jacket arrangement is provided on the oven chamber for hot water inlet and the outlet nozzles. The heating plates are connected to a heating jacket by individual flexible or fixed connectors. Heating surface area and the number of heating shelve plates can be designed as per the process requirements. The oven chamber is provided with hot insulation to prevent heat losses. Instruments and gauges are mounted on the oven chamber to monitor the process parameters such as vacuum and temperature.

180 Tray Vacuum Drying oven

Lab Vacuum Drying Oven