A Ball Mill consists of cylindrical shell rotating on a horizontal axis mounted on a sturdy frame. The mill is driven by motor coupled to the heavy duty gearbox. The Ball Mill Shell is designed to withstand the rotational load of the mill charged with the grinding medium and the material to be processed. Openings are provided through which the grinding media and the material to be processed are loaded and discharged. The material to be ground is charged from the top of the ball mill shell, and discharged from a bottom nozzle. Special ball mill designs are available for processing metal powders - with front loading and discharge arrangements. Internal lifter bars may be provided. Ball mills can be lined with replaceable wear resistant liner materials to protect the contact parts of the mill from excessive wear.

The griding media could be cylindrical rollers of spherical balls made from different grades of steel, stainless steel, or other hard materials such as tungsten carbide. Grinding media made from ceramic materials are used for special applications.