Rotary Vacuum Dryers


Rotary Vacuum Dryer is a horizontal cylindrical jacketed vessel with a hollow paddle type agitator, rotating in close clearance. Drying takes place under vacuum, using a heating media such as steam, hot oil or water circulated through the heating jacket and the hollow agitator shaft. The agitator blades almost srcape the entire internal surface and then in turn the process material so that it comes into close contact with the hot inner surfaces of the dryer. Rotary vacuum dryers are popular in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries

The rotary vacuum dryer offers a simple and effective way of drying wet cakes, wet powders and slurries to low LOD levels. It is possible to dry heat sensitive materials at low temperatures due to vacuum and the gentle agitation, thereby preventing product degradation. Uniform drying can be achieved in short cycle times. Solvents or moisture in the wet media can be recovered using a condenser mounted on top of the dryer.