Dual and Tri-shaft mixers are used for high viscosity materials, with different types of mixing elements, each provided for a specific function. Some constructions are equipped with anchor type impeller for movement of material near the mixing vessel along with a high speed high shear impeller that provides intense shearing action. Others may be equipped with a butterfly type impeller or a screw auger, in addition to the anchor and the high shear agitators. These mixers are generally provided with a jacket for heating or cooling, depending on the application. Mixers can be designed for operation under high vacuum.

Helical Blade Double Planetary Mixer with Twin Dispersers

Multi-shaft mixer can be offered in change-can constructions, as well as fixed vessel configurations, depending on the viscosity of the final mix and mode of product discharge. Change-can multi-shaft mixers are provided with an arrangement for lifting of the agitator head, mixing element out of the mixing vessel once the mixing is completed, thus enabling the movement of the mixing vessel. High viscosity materials may require special hydraulic discharge rams for removal of material from the mixing vessel.

Anchor Agitator with High Speed Disperser