Mixers for Liquids, Solids, Viscous Materials

At Unique Mixers, we design and manufacture mixing equipment used for chemicals, foods, polymers, solid propellants, ceramics, building materials,pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, metal powders, adhesives,sealants, powder explosives, and other process industries, in India, and across the globe.

Over the last 40 years, we have focussed on continual improvements in mixing technology through custom equipment design, development and supply of Liquid Agitators, Solid Blenders and High Viscosity Mixers.

Unique Mixers, the Mixing Experts

High Viscosity Mixers

Unique Mixers’ horizontal kneaders and kneader extruders are capable of handling materials with viscosity of up to 10 million centipoise. Our vertical mixers are capable of viscosities up to 5 million centipoise.

High viscosity mixers are available in capacities ranging from
2 litres to over 5,000 litres.

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Solid Blenders

Unique Mixers offers the complete range of solid blending equipment for chemicals, agrochemical formulations, powdered detergents, metal powders, soft-drink premixes, food flavours and instant foods.

Solid Blenders are available in capacities ranging from
5 litres to 25,000 litres.

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Liquid Agitators

Unique Mixers designs and manufactures liquid reactors and agitated vessels for mixing of miscible liquids, immiscible liquids, liquid solid blending, mixing of viscous liquids, producing dispersions and emusions.

Unique Mixers offers a wide variety of impellers to choose from depending on the application.

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Process Equipments

Unique Mixers has added to its product range, critical process equipment for processes and operations such as drying, heat transfer, particle size reduction, separation, conveying.

Unique Mixers is the one-stop solution for your plant equipment.

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