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Ramesh S. Tekchandaney

Ramesh Tekchandaney is the founder of Unique Mixers and has been a pioneer in the field of design of mixing equipment since the last five decades. A university gold medalist, he is amongst of the best mechanical design engineers, that one would ever come across. With his never-never-never give up attitude, a passion for excellence, patience, perseverance and an extremely creative engineering mindset, he earned the honor of working with the great scientist and former President of India, Dr A.P.J. Abdul Kalam for developments on the Indian missile technology. He has been at the forefront of our many prestigious executions for the Indian space program. His knowledge, experience and expertise in industrial mixing equipment is unmatched.

Jayesh R. Tekchandaney

Jayesh Tekchandaney has been closely associated with the chemical process industry and the food industry and has played several roles such as a process design engineer, production engineer, consultant and equipment manufacturer. He graduated with a degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Mumbai followed by a Master of Science degree in Industrial Engineering from The Pennsylvania State University. He is a Chartered Chemical Engineer and is an author of the book "Process Plant Equipment: Operation, Reliability, and Control - Mixers", a John Wiley publication. He is the Technical Director at Unique Mixers, Mumbai - and is constantly engaged in research, design and development of industrial mixing equipment.

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