Electrical Thermic Fluid Heater for Laboratory and Pilot Scale Mixers and Dryers

Thermic Heating Systems

Low Pressure, high temperature recirculating type oil or water based electrical heating systems are economical and feasible alternatives to small boilers, for generating heating media for laboratory and pilot scale mixers and dryers. These are preferred over the boilers as they are outside the purview of boiler regulations and are most suitable for continuous operations, designed for cleaner environment.

Thermic heating system consists of a storage tank connected to a battery of electrical heaters, through a pumping station with inter-connecting piping fitted with valves, strainers and instrumentation. Water and thermic oil are the commonly used heat transfer media with a temperature range up to 100 deg. C and 300 deg C respectively. Thermic heating systems are available with electrical heater batteries up to 36 KW. Temperature control can be achieved using sensors and controllers.

The water, thermic oil from the tank is pumped and heated by the heater battery enclosed in an insulated hot box. The discharge from the heater battery is connected to the mixer jacket inlet for heat transfer. The outlet from the jacket is connected back to the storage tank thus form a closed-circuit heating system, thus making it an energy efficient design. The tank and the piping are provided with hot insulation to prevent energy losses.

Skid Mounted Thermic Heating Systems connected to Plough Share Mixer Dryer